what a productive weekend! it started off a bit rough, with a ridiculous 35 degree storm on friday night and an obama blockade downtown that stretched my commute home to two hours. but then i roasted a chicken with unreal amounts of thyme and rosemary, and after the second glass of wine, life was good again.

and then on saturday morning, i wandered around the exploratorium for a couple hours and remembered that science is actually really awesome. cardboard is awesome too. it was pouring outside, so the exploratorium was packed. i watched a cow eye dissection. half the kids were really grossed out, and the other half were trying to guess how many optic fibers are in an optic nerve. one kid guessed, “137.5” and the guy doing the dissection was like, “mmm… it’s not that random of a number, but it’s close! it’s 1.2 million!!!” mmm orders of magnitude. after the exploratorium, we tried to go bowling in the presidio, but there was a 2-hour wait (!!!) for a lane. whaaaat?! so we ended up going to a friend’s apartment to make oatmeal butterscotch cookies and watch the karate kid (child crush on jaden smith). then to la taqueria in the mission and bootie! where there was obviously obligatory drunk texting. because swype sucks.

sunday was a 3-mile run, the farmers market, and a sleepover in tiburon! the most adult sleepover ever, with real beds and real wine. northern california is beautiful. i also felt like we were in an olive garden commercial the entire weekend (we made dinner and actually served it). then there was brunch on monday (with organic whole wheat ginger mango pancakes. um, yeah.), more brainless vegging out (beauty and the beast in blue-ray. fabulous) and food (mmm spicy miso noodles) and the bachelor (oh my god, brad has to propose to emily)… pillow talk with my friend who’s spending the week (the themes for the weekend were obviously movies, slumber parties and food) and finally ending the sleep-deprived weekend around midnight!

in other news: oh my god, libya. and in inconsequential news,

should i be disturbed that the notion of being a stay-at-home girlfriend doesn’t disturb me?

but really, if i don’t end up having a clearly defined future in two months, what’s wrong with being a more caustic julie powell? maybe i’ll go buy a farm-to-table cookbook and work through it. the only thing better is getting this internship and being a snarky elizabeth gilbert.


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